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Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand), Ltd.,

Warehouse Management System

  IT solution and service

  What is the WMS?

WMS is a suite of programs which helps to improve warehouse operation. The benefit of this program is an efficiency, productivity and accuracy of the warehouse operation.

  •    Online management for all location in Thailand
  •    Possible to customize to matching with special characteristic and each condition
  •    Various control level by FIFO, expiry date and others

The warehouse management system is the best tool. In work, management helps increase warehouse efficiency and can support all types of warehouses such as raw material warehouse, spare part warehouse, cold storage warehouse, distribution center since the product is received check products, move products, check products, issue goods, location search record accurate information. In addition, the warehouse can store products in the area that is most appropriate for the environment. This will help reduce the amount of stock in stock expired and minimum products in stock help reduce waste reduce unnecessary work process. When production decreased, profits increased.


  •    The WMS program will help plan ahead and manage deliveries as planned.
  •    Locate each pallet in the warehouse precisely and quickly.
  •    Able to store product information and can use the stock take sheet quickly if needed
  •    Supports multiple operations simultaneously (multi-warehouse) and supports data transfer across branches (multi-location).
  •    Support FIFO goods issue.
  •    Supports product delivery or cross dock.
  •    Supporting serial and lot product management.
  •    Able set access rights for users.

  WMS help you with?

  •    Reduce human error.
  •    Reduce the amount of stock in stock.
  •    Can trace the information of the problem point.
  •    Accurate handling of warehouse systems.
  •    Easily track balances know your inventory to the best position that is defined in the system.