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Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand), Ltd.,

Transport Management System

  IT solution and service

  What is the TMS?

TMS is a program that helps manage transportation operations. By collecting the transportation information of various types of trucks In order to effectively manage the logistic transportation system Track products from the origin to the destination. Including the position of transportation vehicles in real time.


Transportation management system Can be easily used with convenience and data security which provides services on the cloud or on-premises server by using the program through the web browser and Web Application anywhere, 24 hours no matter where you are.


    Transport Management

  •    Receive data by EDI, API and text files
  •    The client can revise, review, approve, freeze and export plan.
  •    The client can monitor the shipment summary, shipment status and tracking.
  •    The client can send the notification if the vehicle is late.

    Proof Of Delivery (POD)

  •    Able add the delivery location to the driver during delivery.
  •    Real-time GPS tracking for accurate visibility of shipment.
  •    Customer satisfaction survey.
  •    Proof of delivery (time-stamped, signature, and photo)
  •    The client can view details of shipment activity.
  •    The client can track and monitor shipper real-time.

  Benefits of TMS

  •    Provide a detailed view of transportation activities.
  •    Reduce the work time of the operational team in planning.
  •    Control the time of product distribution efficiently.
  •    Increase customer satisfaction and trust.
  •    Check the information and delivery status in real time.
  •    Quick summary of daily or monthly delivery reports.
  •    There are intelligent KPI transport reports and helps improve transportation efficiency.